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Slovenia: The nurse showed 3 types of stab bottles: one with salt for the initiates and two for the public.


Yesterday a big scandal broke out in Slovenia, and today all of Slovenia is talking about a big vaccination. The head nurse of the University Medical Center, a clinical center in Ljubljana, who is in charge of receiving bottles and resigned, came out in front of the cameras and took out bottles of fluids. She showed people the codes on the bottles, each with 1, 2 or 3 digits in the code, and then explained the meaning of the numbers.

* Number 1 is placebo, saline.

* Number 2 is the classic RNA bottle.

* Number 3 is an RNA stick that contains the onc gene, which is linked to an adenovirus that contributes to cancer. In the case of these bottles, the number 3 says that people who received them within 2 years will have soft tissue cancer.

She says she personally witnessed all the politicians and tycoons being stung and they all got sting number 1 and then were given saline, a placebo. And that explains why some politicians are so eager to show up while stabbing in front of the media.



Let's pray for doctors, nurses, police officers. The lies are coming out more and more and that's why I think Freemasonry will serve us a war.

Of course, time will tell, but somehow they will have to hold back the truth.

All that remains is to verify this information.


Updated: 22 November 2021 — 15:46

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