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German Scientists - Pathologists - about what's in the jugs. Nano ships.

In the video, PATHOLOGIST SPECIALISTS demonstrate what the stabs on c19 contain.

Strange threads and in each pinch there is something like planes that moved.

I've never been addicted to games and that's why I don't know the name of this game, but it reminds me of such a game from the late 80's in electronic arcades...Maybe someone in the comments will tell me. Black board and such triangular planes.

It looks like a UFO that was once identified:




The researchers also found something about parasitic structures.


Scientists consult with others around the world and come to the same thoughts.




The issue is certainly a developing one, so let's be vigilant. It's worth knowing all of this to protect others from being stabbed, especially since we're presenting arguments that aren't conspiracies and scientists, though in fact, yes there is an earth-wide conspiracy.



Let us pray for these doctors: for protection, for God to give them wisdom, and for their videos to reach as many people as possible.



Updated: 19 October 2021 — 19:52


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  1. Peter, that game is River Ride. I think you mean it.
    With God

    1. I can see from the graphics that it's probably not, but thanks

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