Truth in the end times. Biblical Christians.

Biblical Christians. THE TRUTH FOR THE FOLLOWERS OF JESUS CHRIST "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Why you are not a Christian.

Text on BIS because many base their faith on learning the truth about the world otherwise known as conspiracies.



I applied myself to this text for six months or more.

Unfortunately, but probably a lot of people after reading this text may not like me. IT'S HARD, I DON'T WRITE TO EVERYONE.


How about starting with who is a Christian?

Webster's Dictionary defines a Christian as "a person who professes faith in Jesus as the Christ (Messiah) or in a religion based on the teachings of Jesus."

This is the secular definition of Christian, under which the Catholic religion and all Protestant denominations can be subsumed.


What does the Bible say about Christians? The word itself is used very few times, but that is only because of nascent Christianity during the time of the apostles.

Thus, the measure and reference point of who a Christian is should be the first apostles, i.e. FOLLOWERS OF JESUS. They were the ones who performed the baptism according to Jesus' recommendation.


Acts 26.

(28) And on this Agrippa to Paul said: "You would almost have induced me to become a Christian."


Div. 11

(26) and when he found him, he brought him to Antioch. They worked together in the Church throughout the year, teaching multitudes of people. In Antioch, the disciples were first called Christians.



1 Peter 4

(15) For none of you should suffer as a murderer or thief or wrongdoer or meddler in another's affairs. (16) But if he (suffers) as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but let him christian glorifies God.



Christian means in Greek: "committed to Christ.".

I remind you of my text:



What curiosities do we have here by the way?

Syrian Antioch became the second chronological center of Christianity after Jerusalem. We are not to be ashamed of suffering as Christians. Instead, we are not to suffer as: "a murderer or a thief, an evildoer or a meddler in other people's affairs." This list can be expanded to include drunkenness, adultery, smoking pot, onanism, etc. Suffering from sins is repentance, suffering from working for Jesus, evangelizing is glory.


What were the first apostles like, for it is from them that we should learn to follow Jesus.

The apostles primarily evangelized and baptized.


"'Teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Teach them to observe all that I have commanded you" (Matthew 28:19-20). "


There is also an injunction: teach them to observe all that I have commanded you.


What did Jesus command?


First of all, the departure from this world. In this context, the world is no longer just a word, but a definition, a concept.

What is the world in New Testament terms?


John 12

(31) Now judgment is taking place on this world. Now the ruler of this world will be cast out.


The ruler of the world, on Earth, is of course Satan. He has all governments under him:



Mt 4

(8) Again the devil takes Him to a very high mountain and shows Him all the kingdoms of the world with all their splendor, (9) and says to Him, -All these things I will give to You, if You will fall on Your face and pay Me homage.


If Satan is the ruler of this world, then his are not only the governments, but the corporations, the media, the culture, because without Satan, financial success cannot be achieved on a large scale.

The Lord Jesus definitely shunned the World. Jesus did not have a single friend among the greats of this world.

Let's start with John because there it is shown most bluntly.



(23) And he said to them, -You are from below, and I am from above. You are of this world, and I am not of this world.



J 10

(36) And you to me, whom the Father has sanctified and sent into the world, say: You blaspheme, because I said: I am the Son of God. (37) So if I am not doing the works of my Father, do not believe me!



(1) Before the feast of Passover, Jesus, knowing that the hour had come for his departure from this world to the Father, having loved his own who were in the world, loved them to the end.



(17)The Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive because it does not see him or know him. But you know him, because he lives and is in you.



The world is characterized by lies and has no truth in itself. The world, that which is common, does not accept the truth. Does such a woman accept the truth?








Or is it the gentleman?












(22) Judas - but not this Iscariot - says to him, - Lord, what has happened that you are to reveal yourself to us, not to the world? (23) And Jesus answered him: - If anyone loves me, he will keep my teaching. And my Father will love him, and we will come to him and dwell with him. (24) Whoever does not love me does not obey my teaching. And the teaching which you have heard is not mine, but the Father's which sent me. (25) That's what I told you while I was with you. (26) And the defender, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything and remind you of everything I have said to you. (27) Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you. I give it to you not as the world gives. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. (28) You have heard me tell you: I am going away, but I will return to you. If you loved Me, you would rejoice that I am going to the Father, for the Father is greater than Me. (29) And now I have told you before it happens, so that you may believe when it happens. (30) I will not speak much more with you, for it is coming ruler of this worldhe has nothing of his own in Me. (31) But (it is necessary) that the world should know that I love the Father and that I do as the Father has commanded me. Get up, let's go from here.





In Paul's texts we also have the concept of the World applied:

1 Kor

(32) But when the Lord inflicts punishment on us, he admonishes us so that we will not be condemned along with the world.


It follows that the World will be condemned.



2 Corinthians 4

3) If not everything is clear even in the gospel we preach, it is only to those who are going to damnation, (4) for unbelievers whose minds have been blinded by the god of this world, so that they cannot see the light of the good news of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.


..the god of this world blinds the minds.


1 Corinthians 2

(6) We do preach wisdom, but among the spiritually mature. But it is not wisdom that conforms to the concepts of this world or its rulers who are passing away.




We are not interested in what Mr. Kulczyk, for example, said as a model of behavior










Dr. Kulczyk, for that was Jan Kulczyk's title. D., a title obtained from this world. 


Is someone like that an authority for us on the refugee issue, for example?









Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize - an award from the world.

It is not about mimicry, but about the fact that this gentleman is a puppet of this world. So is Orban and so is every ruler, president prime minister. They can only differ in their awareness of working for the Evil One. Walesa certainly knows who he is working for.



1 Corinthians 3

19) For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God, for it is written: "God will surprise the wise despite their cunning."







Yes, all the rest despise people who read God's Word.


1 Cor. 4

(13) They curse us, we pray; we have become like the dross of this world, like the dross of all up to now.



So dear Brothers and Sisters:



(2) And do not conform yourselves to this worldBut be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may be able to discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.


In Poznanska it says this:


2) Do not succumb to the customs of this world either, but be transformed, renewing your spirit so that you may know what is God's will, what is good, pleasing to God, and perfect.


All genres of music were created by Satan's people.

Some people think it's not bad to go to a disco. Do you think so, are you sure about it?

At that disco, songs like this are played:


Yes I would go to a disco, but for 2 possible purposes:

1) Pray for the downfall of this disco, or for those who wander. As far as I remember, our forum member Krzysiu prayed near gambling spots for their downfall.

2) Being free to know a woman in order to set her free from Satan's snare. I know of one such case in the USA where the Holy Spirit had a Christian man enter a GOGO club. He approached a stripper and told her that Jesus loved her. She confusedly walked off the stage and eventually ended up in church.


Music videos and satanic lyrics don't convince you?

Listen to DJ Dokowicz's techno testimony:


Do you like going out with your husband to discos? You are not a Christian.


Do not yield to the customs of this world


Such customs include hatred of men as part of the breakdown of the family.

You're not a Christian listening to songs like this

Natali Nykiel:


This boring day
sloppy in it-- you.
The bus is not ours,
at the bus stop we.
To kill time the game,
I want to play myself
Her theme is fog,
Powerless as I am when I am silent.

Be a big boy, and
stop sending me questions
Your words are strings of numbers,
I can't make an equation out of them.
I can't be a bitch a,
And you're pouring sand in my eyes
I'm sick of boys
They can't surprise me

A month already
I leave without words
Your attempts are flawed
I don't want you to steal
My precious time
For cultivating boredom
You're not the wind
What makes
My sails are flapping
I want a man who
He's going to rock my world and
He kidnaps suddenly.


To this singer, a man's words are a string of numbers, a no-nonsense "talk to yourself" kind of thing. She doesn't want to be a "bitch". And I can't believe this is being played in the media. They go further and further. What an expression. It might as well be "bitch".



Here about independent women and man-hating more:


For example, do you take out an 80,000 dollar loan for a car when you could be driving a 5,000 or 10,000 dollar car, and you can't pay off 10,000 dollar invoices because you are behind on your payments? you are not a Christian. This is the world.

Buying yourself unnecessary luxury goods on credit? You are not a Christian. You live in the world.

You buy children clothing with demon emblems:








You are not a Christian.


Are you a TV geek? You're not a Christian.


Do you watch games passionately while neglecting your family, your children? You're not a Christian. Because giving yourself over to the idol of sports is this world.

Do you play computer games every day? You are not a Christian.

You walk around dressed like that outside the house:






You are not a Christian. A woman does not have to dress in penitential sackcloth at all. She can even walk naked for her husband, but around the house and when there are no children.


Getting involved in politics, which is Satan's world? You're not a Christian. I was a beginner in politics. You can and should be interested in politics especially in the context of the end times, and as an opportunity to exercise democracy and as a prevention against homo dictatorship, pharmaceutical companies, vaccine business etc.


If you meet people who reject the Bible as a friendship, you are not a Christian. You can only go to the heathen to evangelize. They won't bring anything good into your life. Of course, I am not talking about family visits where you can evangelize with your person.



After all, what on earth common Justice with injustice? Or what has light in common z darkness?


The apostles were in an environment of Christians. Of course when they evangelized they had to go to the Gentiles, but they did not make friends with people from this world.

I, for one, have no friends in the world at all, hence my being on the Internet. It is here that I have a community like the first apostles had.

Being among non-Christians, we imbibe the world willingly.


If the sword of Jesus is not there, then you are living in the world.


Gro people pray to Jesus, and Jesus said:



"Not everyone who says to me: Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven"


Gro people read the Bible, but the Pharisees super knew it:

"(19) Do you believe that God is one? You do well; the demons also believe and tremble. (James 2:19)"


One blogger is super familiar with ST and he has come to the conclusion that ... "Jesus is Satan".


Being a Christian is not about memorizing the Bible and interpreting quotations to our own advantage to justify our misdeeds.



A true Christian first of all looks at himself and his sins. A true Christian fights his own pride and kills his old IAM every day.


A true Christian helps others.

A true Christian never gets drunk. Wine, beer is for people, (Noah drank wine, Lot, Jesus turned water into wine) but it must be controlled. Alcohol cannot rule us. However, most pastors do not drink alcohol at all.

A true Christian puts God and God's Law at the top of his list of priorities, and only then his family if he has one, not his friends or his moms. Mother-in-laws have already broken up a ton of relationships. In many many relationships, the mother-in-law is the brains of the marriage.


A true Christian does not watch movies like Enter the Dragon, with S. Segal, movies where justice is killing and revenge.

A real Christian woman does not go to gossip sites like, kozaczek etc.


"'He who is a talker reveals secrets, so do not associate with a gossiper' (Proverbs 20.19′


A true Christian teaches his children to live according to the Bible to protect them from the dangers of this world.

A true Christian cares for the wife and the wife cares for the husband, and the husband is the head of the family because:


"Wives, be submissive to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ is the head of the Church, the body of which he is the Savior. But as the church is subject to Christ, so wives are subject to their husbands in everything." (Ephesians 5.22-24).


A Christian woman respects her husband, and if she does not respect her husband she is not a Christian.

A Christian loves his wife as Jesus loved his bride.



The true Christian restrains his anger, for it is written:


19)Know this, my beloved brothers. And let every man be eager to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger. (20) For the anger of man does not do what is right with God."


I, at the beginning of my journey, that is from 2012 or so, unfortunately, but I was not composed and gentle. I reacted to all rudeness in a non-Christian way. I have to admit that I could not call myself a Christian.

My baptism in 2015 helped me.


A Christian should be:

You are salt for the earth. But if the salt loses its flavor, what is there to salve it with? It is of no use anymore, except to be thrown away and trampled on by men. You are the light of the world. A city situated on a mountain cannot hide. Nor do you light a lamp and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick, that it may shine to all who are at home. So let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven. (Matthew 5:13-16


A true Christian exudes the fruits of his faith:

"(17) So also faith, if it has no works, is dead in itself. (James 2:17)"

The fruits are:

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, self-control. Against such [virtues] there is no Law.



Whereas a true Christian man/woman does not provoke quarrels, aggression. Current women are super actresses at this.




I once found the following on the internet:

"The woman driving the car was stopped by a police pursuit group consisting of several police cars. The officers ran out of the vehicles and surrounded her, aiming their weapons at her. The woman was shocked. What did I do? - You crossed lanes without signalling, you made obscene gestures to other drivers and you hurled vulgar insults at them - said one of the policemen. - And that's why you're pointing a gun at me? - she asked. - Well, we saw a sticker on your windshield that said you were a Christian, so we figured your car must be stolen." (Bible Lessons 1/2010, p.5, Znaki Czasu Publishing House)



If I buy myself a car and I can't drive, does that mean I can drive because I have a car?





I will now present an abridgement of Luis Palau's text from the booklet "Are You a True Christian" published by the Society for the Advancement of Christian Ethics:


85% English people believe God exists, but most have no idea who he is.

A friend of mine believes in the effectiveness of exercise, but he never uses it.

Just believing doesn't mean much, and no one becomes a Christian because they believe.


Opponents will say:

John 5

"24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and goeth not into judgment, but hath passed out of death into life.""


Catholics also hear the word and believe.

"For whoever does the will of my Father who is in heaven is brother and sister and mother to me." Mt 12:50″


So faith must be followed by works as the fruit of discipleship.


Going to church does not make you a Christian. 

Thieves also go to church, alcoholics, cheaters, adulterers.

Some go because of habit, and some go because of family.


Prayer does not make you a Christian.


Hindus raise prayers constantly. Muslims do it 5 times a day.

No, through prayer you become a follower of Jesus.


Leading a decent life does not make you a Christian

Many atheists live clean, moral lives.

There were thousands of "good" people living in the world before Jesus came. Therefore, if goodness were enough, God would not have had to send Jesus. But Jesus came to Earth and had to die on the cross and win forgiveness for us because being good does not make us a Christian.


Reading the Bible does not make you a Christian


It was Charles Marks who said:

"Read the Bible as often as possible. remember, however, that it does not make you a Christian.


You can't be born a Christian

Many say: "I was born in a Christian country, so I am a Christian".

Someone who is born in a stable does not make him a horse and

Someone being born in an airport does not make them an airplane....


Who then is a Christian?

This is someone who has found the path of life:


(6) Jesus says to him: "I am via true to life. Everyone comes to the Father only through Me. (7) If you know Me, you will also know My Father. From now on you know Him and have seen Him."


Jesus also mentions 2 ways:


Mt 7

(13)Enter by the narrow gate, for the wide gate and the broad way lead to perdition, and many go that way.


A Christian chooses the way of life and not the way of death. Everyone who has become a Christian has found the way of life.

What kind of road is this?

The Way of Peace:

(27) Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you. I give it to you not as the world gives it. Let not your heart be troubled nor let it be afraid.

It is also a path of purity:

Mt 5

(8)Happy the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

If you play with sin, immorality, if you are dishonest at work, school, play or in your family life, you are not a Christian.

When we come to Jesus, He cleanses our hearts and gives us the power to live righteously.

Now the word love describes a situation where one person, driven by selfishness, exploits the feelings of another for his own satisfaction.

True love wants the best for the other person regardless of the cost.

The way of life requires submission to only one ruler. The Bible describes Jesus as Lord over all and King over all kings. For the Christian, Jesus is the master.

A servant of the king waits at the slightest nod. A soldier subordinate to the chief will obey any order.

A true Christian does what Jesus commissions him to do.

A Christian is someone who was born into God's family. According to the Bible, God created all of us, but many do not want to be part of His family.


(3) And Jesus answered him: - Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Whosoever is not born again cannot see the kingdom of God


We become members of God's family by the act of being born into it.

A newly born-again Christian forsakes sins. Some disappear immediately and others slowly, but God has given us power:


(9) The true light that enlightens every man has come into the world. (10) She was in the world and the world became through Her, and the world did not know Her. (11) She came to her own, and her own did not receive her. 12) And to those who received her, who believed in her name, gave the power to become children of God.”




So if you are born again, God gives you the power to fight sin, although not all of them disappear right away. Sometimes it takes years, but sin must be fought.


In God's eyes, we are guilty and separated from God because of that guilt. Admitting this guilt before God is the first step to saving faith. Presenting an attitude full of pride, being convinced of your innocence, is a step into the lake of fire.

Can you even now list your sins? You have never hurt anyone?

Have you professed your faith through water baptism?

Water baptism is not absolutely necessary for salvation. The story of the scoundrel makes this clear to us. He was crucified with our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus assured him that he would be with Him in paradise the same day (Luke 23:39-43). However, it is natural for Christians to obey the Lord Jesus who said:

(16) Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. (Mark 16:16)


However, every follower of Jesus will do the same thing He did.

Many newborn candidates say:

"I have lived such a despicable life that I don't think God wants to know me."

That is why God sent His Son to die for the sins of those who would believe in Him. He did it out of love for sinners.



Alcoholism can be seen and is socially stigmatized, but no one pays attention to the sin of binge eating and the culinary idol.



Everything is for humans. God created herbs, spices, but as always, the golden rule is important.

Overeating is the same sin as cursing, anger, etc.



We will judge this world.


1 Corinthians 6


(2) Do you not know that the saints will judge the worldt? And if ye shall judge the world, do ye not deserve to judge such trivial matters? (3) Do you not know that we will judge even angels? All the more so, then, can we adjudicate the affairs of daily life. (4) Why then do you choose as judges those who mean nothing in the Church to pass judgment on these matters? (5) I say this to put you to shame. Is there not a single wise one among you who can settle disputes among the brethren? (6) What does it look like for brother to brother litigation and that too in front of unbelievers? (7) The very fact that you are filing complaints against each other in court speaks unfavorably of you. Why do you rather not bear wrongs patiently? Why do you not rather forget the harm done to you?




Love also means resolutely opposing evil. The universal concept of love in this world is to be kind to everyone and accept them as they are which is confused with respect. Such universal love will be the basis of ecumenism and the New Age.

Would I be a good father if I allowed my child to play computer games unlimited? NO.

Would I be a good father by not reading the Bible to my family and putting it into action? NO.

Love is also a concern for the value system of our loved ones. This blog was created out of love because I want to show people that they are deceived, lied to, and the system of this world is leading them to hell.





35) By the love you have for one another, all will know that you are my disciples.


People who consider themselves Christians, but who belittle others, who demean others, are not Christians.



J 5

(42) But I know that the love of God is not in you.


After such articles I have the impression that you are praying not only for my blessing but also for wisdom in writing, this is my impression ....


J 15


19) If you were of the world, the world would love what is its. But because you are not of the world - for I have chosen you out of the world - the world hates you. 



I did not write this to condemn anyone. Rather, I wrote it to warn. Following Jesus comes at the cost of giving up many of your former pleasures.

It is better to look in the mirror and see how you really look than to deceive yourself.





What to do to take up the way of our Lord Jesus?

Recognize that your sins have separated you from God.



(23) All have sinned and lost the glory of God,

A true Christian is someone who has repented of their sins, and trusted and believed in Jesus Christ alone.

Believe in the miracle of the cross


(18) For Christ also suffered once for sins, the Just for the unjust, to bring you to God; having suffered death as a man, He was raised to life by the Spirit.

You must receive Jesus personally


If then you confess with your mouth that JESUS IS LORD, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will obtain salvation. 10 For faith received with the heart leads to justification, and confession with the mouth leads to salvation


(12) And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we can be saved. (Acts 4:12)






Find out how to do it here:




God bless you




The blog is made possible by your support. If you like to visit my blog, I provide a link to the support, for which I sincerely thank you:







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  1. Very good text! May the Lord continue to guide and bless you, Peter.

    1. I'm of the same opinion. 🙂 I'm not.

    2. and so do I 🙂 ... I would also add a passage from Luke 6:20-26 that fits well with the article

      At that time Jesus lifted his eyes to his disciples and spoke:
      "Blessed are you poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.
      Blessed are you who hunger now, for you will be filled.
      Blessed are you who weep now, for you shall laugh.
      Blessed are you, when men shall hate you, and when they shall exclude you from among themselves, and when they shall revile you, and shall, because of the Son of Man, cast contempt upon your name as unworthy: be glad and rejoice in that day, for great is your reward in heaven. For so their forefathers did to the prophets.
      But woe to you rich men, for you have already taken away your comfort.
      Woe to you who are now full, for you will suffer hunger.
      Woe to you who laugh now, for you will mourn and weep.
      Woe to you when all men praise you. For so did their forefathers to the false prophets."

      This is the word of the Lord.

    3. A very good text that makes you aware. Praise God that we have you, Peter.

      I live with my in-laws and my wife and I want to build a house. I wouldn't do it if we weren't so different in terms of faith and approach to life.

      Greetings to all truth-seeking sisters and brothers in Jesus Christ

  2. Good and necessary text! My family and I are still lacking in this important area of being true Christians. We continue to meet with extended family members-we try to evangelize and tell them what the world is really like, but with little success. We still don't have the courage to separate from them completely because I'm losing hope of convincing them :-/ In a short while we will have that difficult time - Catholic holidays....

  3. , "You meet people who reject the Bible? You are not a Christian."

    That's right, Peter.
    But even though the heart is deceitful there is still hope in us that these non-Christians will come to their senses because of our testimony, so to completely abandon loved ones who don't believe is sad and probably even selfish. Now I will go to one friend and to my friend or to friends from my youth and I will tell them we will never meet again because you are not a Christian...I think it is too hasty a move because how can we change others and testify before them about the truth when we are not in their company?
    The same goes for my girlfriend, who doesn't believe and even condescends to her dislike of faith and God, yet I continue to witness to her about my faith and even if I don't succeed, hope is still alive.
    Rather I would say that those who are still weak and can be influenced by those who do not believe should shun non-Christians, but that those who are strong should use that strength to bear witness to them while clothed in the armor of God which these people and this world will not overcome.

    1. I've been pondering this question as well. Maybe some older sister or brother in the faith can add their three cents here?

      Well, I have with my brother in Christ and also my only friend a very deluded friend who calls himself a Buddhist, who rather does not have a deep understanding of his religion. It's more like a bunch of new age ideas he likes. He has no friends and no parents, he is lonely and we feel sorry for him and mainly out of pity we meet him. He uses psychedelic hard drugs (LSD, some "candy"), listens to satanic heavy music and generally when he is in our company I feel uncomfortable seeing his often crazy behavior or outbursts of anger (and then "love") - several times he has suggested that I annoy him so much that he wanted to beat me up (then apologized) and that I am generally a "p...". And I know that I am a difficult person and find it difficult to be with others... When we try to talk to him about Jesus and the Gospel, the discussion doesn't get any better. Additionally, he reproaches me for many of my mistakes, bad behavior, claiming that I am a hypocrite, and at the same time he is blind to the question of sin, repentance, and change of heart. I can see that he is bearing bad fruit, he is not interested in any broad change of value system, but does that mean we should not keep in touch with him? I, as a loner, have always had difficulties in relationships with others, so it is difficult for me to decide how to deal with him. So far, it's been a prayer that he will come to his senses. However, I feel that encounters with him, his k... as a comma, junk food, etc. is undermining my self-control, as I have to be especially wary of these temptations myself. But is breaking off contact the right solution in this case?

      1. Jack, did Jesus ask people to follow him?
        Did the apostles to effect ask the Gentiles to convert to Christianity?

        Anyway, you answered yourself:
        "I feel, however, that encounters with him, his k... as a comma, drugging, etc., undermines my self-control, because I have to be particularly wary of these temptations myself.'

        1. So, prayer remains, because we are not to cast our pearls before swine. Only I don't know how to evangelize very well yet and I just have doubts if I have said everything I should... I must remember him in my prayers.

    2. I have the same thing as you...

  4. What can I write, Peter?
    God bless you.

  5. As a 24 year old (flower of the age) I affirm and agree with everything.

  6. A world that rejects God's Word (which is scientific, confirmed) screws with, for example, something like this:
    Stefan Hawking (renowned scientific authority physicist and cosmologist): "alien space aliens may hate us".

  7. You have to get lost!

    Do you want to live a real life?
    You have to get lost!
    Lose yourself,
    To start looking for someone.
    Someone who will walk
    always one step ahead of you.
    Not to obscure your world,
    but you wouldn't run off in pursuit of yours.
    So that you can pick it up when it falls,
    Or stop,
    when he wants to jump into the abyss.
    And lest it sometimes occur to you
    Push him out of anger that he is going too fast,
    Or not the way you planned.
    And don't accidentally stop
    and do not cry out, Where are we going?
    Did you forget?
    After all, you are supposed to get lost!
    And if you get lost,
    you'll be able to walk in front sometimes.

  8. A concrete, thought-provoking post. It's time for all of us who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ to take a look in the mirror...

  9. Thank you for this text, it confirms me once again that there is no shadow of regret after cutting the umbilical cord connecting with this world.
    You Peter, though you suffer much today, know that it is for God, after though here you feel knocked down, yet you are not among the defeated. xxx

  10. Operational Group - Everyone is waiting for something A song about human desires.

  11. "Water baptism is not absolutely necessary for salvation. The story of the scoundrel makes this clear to us. He was crucified with our Lord Jesus Christ."

    The story of the scoundrel shows us clearly just DEATH on the cross (=baptism) with Jesus and that literally!He died!!!
    So let us be glad that God requires us to be buried in water and to come up in a moment rather than to be immersed in fire as the villain was.
    The Lord Jesus clearly says whoever believes and is immersed (in the Christian nomenclature=baptized) will be saved, and does not leave the guesswork of Eden prompted by the serpent: did God really say...
    , eetaam,probably not.
    Well, yes.
    Whoever wants to, let him put it to the test, I will not risk and I quote to others these words of Jesus - without my own guesses and interpretations: faith + baptism = salvation

    1. For me, following Jesus is equivalent to being baptized by immersion.

    2. Kesya, why do you make salvation dependent on man?

      1. "why do you make salvation dependent on man?"

        At what point, I don't know?
        I make a decision to come out of Egypt from the bondage of Pharaoh, to follow the Lord, so I enter the water (Sea CZ-E-R-W-O-N-E), but it is the Lord as in Egypt to the Israelites, so now paves the way for me to come out of Egypt and closes Egypt behind me, drowns Pharaoh's army and separates from Pharaoh, it is His work.
        The Israelites had to go into the sea by FAITH. into the sea, the LORD did not enter for them, it had to be done by a man with his feet, and all their deliverance from Egypt, from Pharaoh was done by the LORD. It was He! who parted the sea and it was He! who drowned Pharaoh's army with their wagons and horses.
        They were saved, delivered=saved ONLY when they were on the other side of the RED sea.
        Note that Pharaoh did not give up on them at all, he pursued them.
        Look at this picture as a very clear interpretation of baptism=immersion.
        It is said of Abraham that his faith cooperated with his works.
        I believe, so I go into the water and the Lord performs salvation, cutting me off from Pharaoh, Egypt.
        The Israelites had to have active faith and then they were saved=rescued from the hands of Pharaoh by the Lord.
        You may be washed clean of sin, but you are not cut off from the world, the world is not drowned behind you, so all of Pharaoh's army will chase you down and finish you off.
        Only the Lord has the power to cut you off from it, so it is He and He alone who saves me THROUGH THE WATERS OF CHRIST.
        I only by faith obediently enter into the water and if it were not for the action of the Lord I would come out with the breath of Pharaoh on my back and so I come out liberated from Egypt, free to live for the Lord and to continue to trust Him and actively confirm my faith in the next life.
        If you can see here any power of man to self-save then.... I must be blind.
        The apostles immediately immersed everyone in water in the name of the Lord Jesus, they had no doubts and you do not suspect them of relying on the "power" of man.
        NOW! What for? Ritual?
        Christianity is about life and reality, not rituals, I'm sure you'll agree.
        I used to let myself be immersed out of obedience now I clearly see this beautiful image of saving me, cutting Pharaoh and his army, the world from me.
        Baptism is not a dead ritual for the crowd but a real action of the Lord.
        Bury the old with all the goodies and leave for the new.
        To me, there is no self-salvation here, not a shred of it, just the gracious work of the Lord.

    3. As the topic has descended into villainy it should be there:

      "I tell you today, you will be with me in paradise"

      I know this is a detail on which the entire Catholic life after death and the saints in heaven are built.

  12. "Mothers-in-law have already shattered masses of relationships. In many many relationships, the brains of the marriage is the mother-in-law."

    Oh, how true. It would have been the same for me, in the sense of my parents, had they not moved out in time. Mother-in-law = devil

    1. Girion 🙂 with all due respect. Let's not lump everyone together. There are cool mothers-in-law too 🙂 .

      1. I was just about to write this although my mother-in-law I admit I have not "experienced" personally but I believe it is as you write 🙂 .

      2. Maybe they are. But Peter wrote: "The true Christian puts God and God's Law at the top of his list of priorities, and then his family if he has established one, not his friends or his moms." His family, meaning his wife and children. A mother-in-law is forbidden to stick her nose into a marriage. Unfortunately with me it was like that, and even after my parents moved out, it still happens, unfortunately.

        1. Dear Girion 🙂 Please don't judge by your own experience. There are mothers-in-law who help without interfering in marital affairs or child rearing etc. I know of such 🙂 .

    2. My husband couldn't laugh at the stupid mother-in-law jokes at work because he had a very good mother-in-law, who always took his side.
      It varies from person to person.

  13. He also signs off. A very valuable text, for anyone, beginner or walker in Christ. May the Lord continue to guide and bless you. Amen.

  14. admin god bless you this site is really important to me this post really touched me because it is about me too .amen

  15. Very good text with concrete examples.God bless you for what you are doing,Admin and may he keep you safe.

  16. Great text
    However, a mistake has crept in, namely:

    "Hindus raise prayers constantly.Muslims do it 5 times a week."

    It should be 5 times a day

    1. and yet you inspired me Janke to create a meme.

      1. Meme successful!!! 😀

  17. it's good that I contributed something 🙂 .

  18. A while back a friend made a post like this on his fb:
    "Brothers and sisters in Christ!
    I am asking people - whom I have in my circle of friends - to consider my position. I feel that I am a child of God, that I profess the teachings of Jesus Christ and all that He stands for, and that I acknowledge the authority of Scripture as the only and true one. However, I cannot call myself a Christian because of the fact that I associate this word with the crimes of the Christian Church of Rome, with the countless Bible denominations that are already conspiring with the ecumenical world church and with all those who claim to be Christians but reject the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Scriptures. I won't elaborate because there are constantly being shown on fb various testimonies of how people and religious organizations that call themselves Christians act.
    The united ecumenical church that will soon monopolize the religious market will also be Christian, because according to the words of the Christian Pope Francis, for human salvation no faith in God is necessary, but good works are enough. In connection with all these events and warnings which God gives to people who believe in Him, I asked myself [some time ago] what is closer to me? John 1:12-13 "But to all those who received him he gave power to become sons of God, that is, to those who believe in his name; Who are born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God."; "1Jn 3:1 See what love the Father has bestowed on us, that we have been called children of God. Therefore the world does not know us, because it does not know him. ;"
    1Jn 3:2 Beloved, now we are children of God, but it has not yet been revealed what we will be. However, we know that when he is revealed, we will be like him, for we will see him as he is."
    The name "Christianity" in which there is a mishmash of worldly teachings and the gospel of success and prosperity and whatever else can be stuffed in with undoubtedly ignorant believers, or being a child of God, meaning following Jesus Christ, preaching the Good News, fulfilling the teachings of God the Father, identifying with Messianism and the Cross and Blood of the Lord.
    I choose the latter. First of all, because Messianism is simple and easy, I don't have to learn anything new and I don't have to absorb any new teachings that confuse people's minds, I have one teacher, the Son of God Jesus Christ, and I have to follow HIM, I have to listen to the advice of the Spirit of God and abide in the Teaching of the Bible. I wondered what the words in Revelation 18:4 "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that her plagues come upon you." might mean. and in MY opinion I have come to the conclusion that modern Christianity is Christianity in name only, but it is full of iniquities and abominations which are mixed with the gospel and the apostolic epistles which altogether forces believers to search constantly and draws them away from the word of God.When people ask me what I believe and who I am, I answer "I am a child of God" and this position gives me the opportunity to preach the gospel because people know what Christianity is, but they do not know what God's childhood is.
    "John 12:46 I, the light, have come into the world, so that everyone who believes in me will not remain in darkness. ""


  19. Hi I know it's not the right topic but it still doesn't give me peace of mind case from 2012 when they sounded all over the world these strange voices resembling trumpets no one has explained it yet. In the Bible trump means war the most interesting thing is that the first time this sound was heard in August in Kiev what happened next we all know.

  20. Let us beware of sin of any kind, and we will be allowed into paradise.

  21. Poznanie Prawdy

    Great text, congratulations. I would put it the same way. It's such a summary. Too bad some I know wouldn't enter here, because they enter where they like 🙁 Besides, most unfortunately want to live how they live, few dare to compare different sources, premises, evidence, etcetera.
    But when it comes to this respect, that is, liking someone or something like that (understood as love for one's closest ones in the world), it doesn't mean that you shouldn't hang out with someone, e.g. work (if you have to), or completely cross him out. Here you should approach it in such a way that you do not do something sinful for someone to please him or her, even the example of the disco. If, for example, you talk to a Buddhist, etc., it is not that you accept his religion or New Age views - you have to tell the person that it is wrong (he will not accept it hard - then you can say that he has free will or continue to fight for this soul if it is given from God). And that is the sensible distinction. I know, I'm nitpicking the details 😉

  22. Now a practical question: What profession should I choose so as not to live contrary to God's Law?

    1. Learn to listen to the voice of the Lord, your shepherd 🙂
      He will guide you. It takes patience to do this because there are times when He won't answer right away, but He waits and examines whether you persevere in trust. And then you either come up with a brilliant thought and apply for a job/company that the Lord blesses or the phone rings by itself.

      And what profession? An honest one, one where you don't have to cheat, not a lawyer (you won't know if you're siding with the truth), not a doctor (our doctor is God), not a banker and not a usurer 🙂 no long hours of work, no demonized people, for decent pay. The Christians I know often have freelance jobs or their own businesses.

      If you seek on your own, without looking to God's will, you often land in the wrong place for you.

  23. Wow Author great article you created, looks mega labor intensive..and very thought provoking.... Thanks for this kick!!! ☺

  24. "Politics can and should be of interest especially in the context of the end times, and as an opportunity to exercise democracy and as a prevention against homo dictatorship, pharmaceutical companies, vaccine business etc."

    Truly, "the opportunity to exercise democracy"?
    Democracy is also of this world. This demonic invention is one of Satan's most important works. People govern themselves, there is no God. It is godlessness perfidiously woven into the everyday obvious and justified by the fight against the godless. Do you participate in this spectacle? You are not a Christian.

  25. Thank you for this post, just the kind of specificity I needed....

  26. My fiancé took offense at you for that text 😀
    I showed it to him saying it was great. I was curious about his reaction. You predicted well that some people will not like you after reading it. I am of the opinion that people led by the Holy Spirit feel the same way and spontaneously and effortlessly give up, for example, inappropriate movies, certain friends or games. Simply the old pleasures cease to please them.

  27. This text is a must read for everyone . Very, very good. The TRUTH itself. I thank God that you open all our eyes and I thank God that I came across your website (I was going through a difficult time in my life, I was lost, I prayed that God would show me the truth ... and he did). Let's follow Jesus ! It is the only way and the only truth .

  28. Thank you for all your kind words and Blessings and prayers.

    May God bless you and give you strength to fight against sin

  29. I'll just add my three cents on the subject of not living a double life 🙂

    "19 You shall observe my statutes. You shall not combine two kinds of cattle. You shall not sow a field with two kinds of grain. You shall not wear clothing woven from two kinds of thread." - Leviticus 19

    and a lecture on the subject:

  30. Doesn't watching movies and TV series where the main theme is police work to fight crime make us Christians?
    2) Is playing games even non-violent and devoid of the occult the same? E.g. country life or Pearl's Peril, or Criminal Case? Or Tomb Raider? Yes Lara uses weapons but for defense. She uses some items, but not for magic and the occult.


      Everything is relative. You know, if you are a policewoman and want to get inspiration, learn, then there is nothing wrong with watching such series, but if you watch it as a hobby and it takes you a lot of time, then it is not from God.

      "Therefore whether you eat or drink, or whatever else you do, do all to the glory of God "

    2. "Avoid everything that has even the appearance of evil" 1Tes 5:22

      By the way, isn't watching such series or playing games a waste of time?

      "I will say" honestly, though I may be wrong, but I don't think a Christian derives pleasure from such pastimes... For me, a moment of relaxation and respite is time to read Scripture or other books or watch Bible-themed movies. The more I feed on this, the stronger I am in the Lord.

      1. Exactly Ani we have the same approach ?
        All these worldly things are designed to separate us from fellowship with the Lord God.
        On the surface, there is no violence or anything wrong with them, yet they are doing their intended purpose.
        They steal time that could be used to serve others.

  31. And have you noticed that in other languages "Christian" is from the word "Christ" (christian - English, Christ - German), and in Polish from baptism? Of course most people mean baptism of children which has nothing to do with Bible teaching.

  32. And as for pleasure, picking mushrooms or riding a bike can also theoretically take us away from God. Let's not go to extremes. To be fair, we haven't had a TV for many years, which doesn't mean I don't watch anything. I know people who were so focused on preaching and working for God that they forgot about their own family, children. Moderation, moderation. As far as moderation is concerned, I knew a lady who prayed very long prayers during Christian meetings, about every detail, nobody could concentrate on it anymore, children could not sit down, of course there was nothing wrong with it, but the excess made the surroundings tired.

    1. Zuza,
      when I gather mushrooms I sing hymns, I don't ride a bike but sometimes I go for a jog or a walk and a sermon by my favorite pastor resounds in my ears 🙂 When I drive to work I listen to sermons, the Bible or sing out loud praising the Lord 🙂 At work when I have time I listen to hymns or sermons 🙂
      Is that an extreme? I don't think so, I love this time! It calms me down, relaxes me, brings me solace, with the Lord you can not be bored, sometimes I whine to Him all the way to work / from work pouring out my grievances... 🙂 🙂
      But I know that he is close, that he will listen to me, this fills me with joy and optimism 🙂
      When I get home, my crazy 3 year old is unlikely to let me read scripture or listen to teaching (although lately he's been giving me prayer time, coming up every now and then and asking if I'm done 😀 ) so I use every spare moment for that 🙂
      Is it excess? For me, absolutely not, on the contrary, I am still not enough!

      Greetings in Christ the Lord!

      1. I also often talk to God in the mountains, on skis, on a bike, I sigh "Lord, thank you for this beautiful world, for this day", while driving in the car I sometimes pray with my child, out loud, we say what we thank you for, what we ask for.

  33. Very good article but I don't understand why the comments are from 2015 since the article came to the blog today. regards F

    1. Because as I pointed out in the introduction, the text is like on BIS from 2 years ago.
      Generally the regular readers at that time matured in their faith along with me. Now we have a different understanding, but there are new readers, and it is basically for them and for us as a reminder.


    1. I am most in favor.

      If someone asks me if I am a Christian, if I answer in the affirmative, I am most likely confirming the distorted view of Christianity that person has in their mind.

      And unfortunately it is most often associated with Catholicism.

      1. I join you brothers, when they ask me, I call myself a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.
        Christianity is a word that has been perverted and unfortunately has a bad connotation.

  35. Good text!
    I wish you a speedy recovery!!! 🙂

  36. In reference to Peter's very good text, I want to share a testimony of how Satan tempted me to watch TV and I had a serious problem with it, because I fed my soul with chaff, poison from movies and I was even addicted to TV. The Lord admonished me about this more than once and I often returned to this vomit wasting my time and defiling my soul. I was like the prodigal son that DAD kept waiting to take me in his arms and hold me, to start my life over again in his presence. How great is God's patience with us and this teaches us patience with OTHERS around us. WHO IS LOOKING FOR THOSE FEATURES OF PATIENCE, CAREFULNESS, GOODNESS to manifest in circumstances where there is anger, harshness toward people, etc.? Jesus gave us a perfect example on this subject, but yet He dealt with the unhelpful shepherds very specifically and firmly. He knew the hearts of men and had no confidence even in those crowds who followed Him. He said, "If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples. This is what I want with all my heart. To reject everything that does not glorify my heavenly Father and the Lord JESUS CHRIST.

  37. I remember this text from two years ago and it depressed me a lot then, today after twenty-five months... a huge change in life, then I was not yet a newborn follower of Jesus Christ

    However, I have to partially disagree

    The Corinthians practiced debauchery and incest, something worse than going to a disco, and yet he did not deny that they had the Holy Spirit in them, he calls them sanctified, and therefore most definitely Christians!
    No one should be disqualified as a Christian

    Further, in his letter to the Corinthians, the apostle says to cut ourselves off from debauchers, drunkards, avarice, idolaters, etc., but from OURSELVES, not from the world, for to cut ourselves off from all idolaters, debauchers, avarice, drunkards, we would have to leave the world altogether

    Did not the Lord Jesus dine with the sinners of this world?
    Of course it does,

    That's the whole point - we are outside this world and yet in it, no matter how you look at it, we are supposed to act, be social, etc. and not live as hermits

    1. Sinful people can be visited but only for the purpose of evangelizing.

      1. Do I know?
        I have no opinion on this subject, I would ask for Scripture passages

        1. "Do not walk in a strange yoke with unbelievers; for what has righteousness to do with unrighteousness, or what fellowship between light and darkness?" 2 Corinthians 6

  38. "All genres of music were created by Satan's people."

    So classical music (e.g. Johann Sebastian Bach, Frédéric Chopin or Hildegard of Bingen) can't be listened to by a Christian? 🙁 🙁 So it's not allowed to listen to classical music?

    By the way, on some Christian forum I met a guy once, who said that "a true Christian should not listen to ANY music, not even the religious one, because music is not necessary for anything in life". On the one hand he is a bit right, but on the other hand... weren't the Psalms written to glorify God with music? 🙂

    1. I.e. by writing all genres I mean all commercial ones like hip hop, punk, metal, pop etc.
      The music itself is not bad

      1. After all, it depends on the lyrics, not the genre itself. Although a Christian is unlikely to listen to techno or metal.

      2. I don't know...

        When people talk about spiritual dangers, they only talk about rock, metal, hip-hop, electronic music, etc., forgetting that devilish content can also be in classical music.

        For example, Mozart was a Freemason and stuffed his operas with Masonic symbolism.

        Almost all of Wagner's works are dedicated to pagan gods.

        Aleksandr Scriabin was an occultist and even had a sonata titled "Black Mass."

        Stravinsky was supposedly a "Christian" (if Orthodoxy can be called Christianity), but his works also sound "pagan".

        George Crumb created the satanic composition "Black Angels."

        1. Well, you see this is an example that o I still have to learn

        2. And you guys take it all so seriously. I could write anything here, too.

      3. you know, ... everyone is supposed to be the Blacksmith of their own destiny 🙂 that's so jokingly in reference to your login, but it's the Holy Spirit who shows the Christian at some stage that this is not done.
        I have had different things removed at different stages. As for music, you can watch the series Dilemmas of Music on YT

  39. This has opened my eyes to some things, thank you

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