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The Swedish chip developer says that "it can't be stopped WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT!"


When a year ago I and other creators on the Internet wrote or talked about the fact that the chips would be compulsory and that the demoniac plan was to chip humanity, many mocked. Including doctors, shoestring celebrities.

I created this photo news ...

Electronics -chip- in the body will confirm if you are vaccinated. The ridiculed theories are no longer conspiracy theories.




Even the systems portals are noting that the connection between the electronic chip in the body and vaccines is no longer in the department as the Khazarian media calls it for shurikens and foils.

But who would remember the derision that the vaccine would contain ...

The cowid terror is yet to come.

Very rarely have I asked or offered to share material from my site. This one is among the exceptions.


Send, share and warn whoever you can: parents, friends, neighbors, shopkeepers because a powerful kowiid terror is coming.





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