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"The unvaccinated should be locked up," urges Stankiewicz, an employee of the German and left-wing



An employee of the left-wing after the University of Warsaw first rubbished the unvaccinated, calling them shovelers, foilists and sanitizers, and then said that the unvaccinated should be put to death.



Three men died in Plock in the same way - suddenly.

"Three men have suffered deaths in Plock, passing away under similar circumstances. The tragic events occurred over a short period of less than 11 days when a 44-year-old man, an approximately 50-year-old man and a 47-year-old man died in succession. The body of the first of the deceased was found on ...

Slovenia: The nurse showed 3 types of stab bottles: one with salt for the initiates and two for the public.


Yesterday a big scandal broke out in Slovenia, and today all of Slovenia is talking about a big vaccination. The head nurse of the University Medical Center, a clinical center in Ljubljana, who is in charge of receiving bottles and resigned, went in front of the cameras and took out bottles of liquids. She showed ...

CROATIA - Police stop traffic to shake hands with protesters. Don't be divided.

Croatians come from the southern Polish territories. Unlike the Poles, they have a greater sense of nationality, national identity and perhaps this is due to the lesser influence of Khazaria... We welcomed them the best in Europe and they now hate us very much.



Masonic/Chazarian ...

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