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Category: The End Times

A section depicting important events that are part of the end times sometimes called the apocalypse.

"The unvaccinated should be locked up," urges Stankiewicz, an employee of the German and left-wing



An employee of the left-wing after the University of Warsaw first rubbished the unvaccinated, calling them shovelers, foilists and sanitizers, and then said that the unvaccinated should be put to death.



Belarus becomes a province of Russia: a Duma deputy rebuked Poles near the Polish border.


The spokesman for the Minister of the Coordinator of Special Services Stanislaw Zharyn informed the media show of a Russian Pride politician (not to be confused with LGBT Pride, as that one is opposed by Vitaliy).



Europe's secret police may have been behind the riots in the Netherlands.

They have everything under control.


There was a lot of destruction in Rotterdam yesterday and I didn't know the backstory of the situation yet. Now new facts are coming to light.


I don't know if you remember how during the patriotic marches in Poland especially on November 11 hired to ...

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