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God is everywhere-even in the news. That's why I interpret every story through the lens of faith.

I post interesting material to help understand this world in the context of Scripture. I dig up truth.

But to do what I do takes a lot of work and time.

So if you want you can help me be a voice of truth in the ocean of mainstream media and Catholic media by supporting me:


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Thank you all in Jesus' name.





On Catholicism and their various organizations, TV on YT are put cosmic money and what is good is that some Catholics come for the truth to me.... because in the church they will not find it.



I'm asking people who have supported me so far to check their account number because transfers are being made in error.



To all of you once again, thank you sincerely for your support in the name of Jesus Christ.





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  1. Do you account for your contributions (donations) to the IRS? I ask before someone notifies....

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